About Us

About Us

Who does EMESP deal with?

EMESP represents the engineering and science professions in the East Midlands Region to the Local Enterprise Partnership, local authorities, the public, the media, and potential members of the profession including young people and others in education. It provides a focus for collaboration and partnership between all those involved in engineering and science in the East Midlands Region, including representative bodies for employers and managers in manufacturing and service industries. It is an important objective that EMESP provides a single authoritative point of contact for enquiries from other groups or requests for nominations for involvement in them. In short, it is “a voice for the engineering and science professions in the East Midlands.”

What practical work does EMESP do?

Among very successful public projects for which EMESP is responsible is the Annual Joint Institutions Prestige Lecture held every year, with sell-out audiences of over 700. Previously, to recognise innovative research projects and stimulate commercial awareness in research the EMESP sponsored the East Midlands Master’s Prize competition jointly with emda and with the leading universities in the region. Going forward, EMESP is working towards an Innovation Award with a wider ranging remit. In addition to the range of inter-institutional and media work, EMESP provides, at regional level, professional contributions, for example, the Local Enterprise Partnership.

Each year, EMESP brings together the Chairmen of the Member Institutions to enable networking in a convivial environment.